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Round Robin
2 hours long, one drop in purchase.

Our most social and recreational play. All players must sign up individually, upon arrival they are assigned a number for the duration of play time, and will play with someone different, against different people each game. Players will get ~8 games. Round robins will run with 4 or more people signed up.


All round robins/organized play and clinics require proof of rating. You can obtain a rating through any previous club rating, DUPR or tournament rating (pickleball brackets, pickleball tournaments, UTPR). If you have no rating (you are considered 2.0 until proven otherwise), you can obtain a new rating by signing up for a RATING CLINIC with Allie Kostyniuk. Ratings are valid at any club, it is up to the Club whether they accept them or not.


How to sign up:
1. Download Gym Master member mobile app
2. Call us at (780)979-5700
3. Email
Court Safety and Etiquette

At Modu Club we strive for each athlete to enjoy their play time on court. As a united club, we will work together to express kindness and fairness amongst our surrounding athletes. Please see below our Court Safety and Court Etiquette outline for all players.

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Pickleball Clinics

(Available to Members and Non-members)
Come Learn to Pickle! This 2 hour-long clinic will teach you all the basic rules and strokes to play pickleball. It will include drills with feedback, and game play through round robin format. It will also include a brief description of the types of pickleball equipment. (paddles, balls, grips etc.)

What to bring: A water bottle, any type of closed toe, non-marking, INDOOR court/running shoe if on the non permanent (badminton floor) pickleball courts. Any type of outdoor (or indoor) court shoe for the permanent (concrete) courts. Wear any type of workout clothing. Paddles will be provided. (if you have your own feel free to bring it along)
Duration: 2 hours / One session only
The level you are at is the level you enter for this clinic. Through this 4-week clinic, you will learn proper technique, court positioning, shot selection and footwork needed for a successful well rounded gameplay. You will work on developing your skills through a variety of drills, then performing them in coached gameplay.
Duration: 1.5 hour sessions once every week for 4 weeks (4 sessions)
This clinic is generated towards escalating your pickleball game. This 4 week series will provide you with competitive drills to challenge your skills in maximizing your gameplay. You will learn to play offensively with purpose, and improve your defensive game.
Duration: 1.5 hour sessions once every week for 4 weeks (4 sessions)
Have a tournament coming up? Looking to learn new gameplay strategies? This is your clinic. Levels 3.0- 4.0 only. It is recommended you sign up with your playing partner, so you can improve as a team in addition to improving individually. You will learn tournament preparation warm ups, exercises to stay focused and how to define a team’s weaknesses and strengths. You will be introduced to new gameplay sequences, and how to execute a shot when needed.
Duration: 1.5 hours / One session only
Don’t have a rating? We offer MODU only ratings. Tested through a series of drills and then monitored gameplay format. Each player will play with each other once on court. Feedback is provided. All players must be attempting the same level. Valid only at Modu Club to participate in Round Robins, Ladders, and Clinics. Please email Allie @ for rating sessions above 4.0. Duration: 45 minutes
Contact for interest in Pickleball Clinics
CLINIC Cancelation Policy

Click below to read our cancelation policy

Round Robin Cancelation Policy

Click below to read our cancelation policy

Late Policy

Organized play starts the first game at scheduled time. Please do not show up at the time scheduled to start. Arrival 10 minutes or earlier. No late exceptions. If you are late, you will not be able to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Round robin is a social, recreational type play. Wins and losses are not recorded. Ladder is competitive play. Wins and losses will be recorded each time. See Pickleball Section for more information.

Yes. Any club rating, certified coach rating, tournament or DUPR rating is valid for up to levels 3.5.
4.0+ will require only tournaments or DUPR rating, no club rating. To participate in 4.0+ events, you can obtain a Modu only rating through Modu rating clinics. Email for more details.

We ask to arrive at least 10 minutes (or more) before any type of booking.
If you are late to the round robin, ladder, or clinic, you will not be able to participate. If you are late to a private booking, please call to let us know. Keep in mind you may not be able to extend your booking.

The Rating provided by Allie Kostyniuk is valid at clubs that decide to accept them or not.

Yes. The instructor will be able to give you an initial rating as to what level you can start playing in at Modu.
We ask you to have a general idea of how to keep score.
You can sign up 7 days in advance.

Coach Allie will still run the clinic with a minimum of 4 registrants, and max 12, as long as there is an even number of registrants. See more details below.

  • If there are 4 or 6 people, the clinic will only be 1.5 hours. If there are 8 or more, the session will be 2 hours. The start time will remain the same, you will just end earlier. 
  • Price will remain the same due to less student-coach ratio.
  • In the event there are more registrants, we will update you via phone call, email, or both.
  • In the event there are not enough registrants, we will update you 1 day before to cancel the class via phone call, email, or both.