About Modu

About Modu admin February 6, 2020
Modu Club's logo was inspired by the shape of the badminton shuttlecock, letters M and D each symbolizing letters from the name "Modu".

Premium 4 Layers Badminton Court

Our premium Badminton courts are made up of 4 layers including a specialized rubber, 2 layers of plywood, the international tournament grade Yonex certified mat. Our courts provide cushion and comfort to shuttlers. It can help improve your performance, reduce strain on the joints and prevent injuries and fatigue.

Professional-Grade Pickleball Court

PickleMaster is a professional-grade, Pickleball court surfacing system. PickleMaster is produced with a specialized aggregate blend to provide a safe, non-slip playing surface and non-aggressive texture for minimal pickleball wear. This concentrated & unpigmented base coating is designed to be mixed with SportMaster ColorPlus pigment dispersion to achieve desired color.

Facility Tour

Modu Club is the largest racket sport center in Canada. Courts are available for badminton, pickleball, and table tennis.
Take a tour through our facility with the photos below.